I AM CONFUSED! Was I Wrong For Upholding The Bro Code?

Apologies for the long text. This issue started about 8 months ago.

I met a girl at a friend’s party then I made a move towards her. During this period I did, I made sure I confirmed her relationship status which she convinced me she was single.

One thing led to another we started chatting daily, exchanging pictures and the usual drill.

I got to know this same girl and my guy are dating (meanwhile she is still telling me she is single).

I realized this guy has fallen deeply with a slut so as to protect a friend and respect the Bro code I informed him about everything that has been happening between us.

I made sure he sees all the conversations I had with her just to prove to him that I got his back and will never betray him.

I advised him not breakup with her.

He should just have it at the back of his mind that she isn’t the kind of girl she can date.

If she can do that between two friends, what will she do with other guys?

After telling him all these, he went on and told the girl everything.

As expected, the girl denied everything and being the idiot that he is, he continued with her.

The thing now is she went on to tell our mutual friends that I tried coming between her and her boyfriend. (I am not bothered though)

The Question Now Is, Should I Have Ignored The Bro Code And Have Sex With His Girlfriend?

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