A MUST READ! How I Got Infected With HIV

I felt like sharing so others will learn, this might also create awareness as I feel a lot isn’t done to educate people about the insidious HIV.

I will try to be as brief as possible. Sometime this year I had a fling with a girl, I have always been careful as to use protection when I ever I have sex, unluckily for me my condom broke, I realized this immediately and pulled out, got a new condom and continued, wasn’t up to three weeks or so I fell ill, malaria like symptoms and all, during that same time I started having some HIVsymptoms like.

Had to go for a test it came out negative, this was around week 4 or so.

Despite this test I knew I was positive, I just had the feeling I was, the doctors and lab attendants were just playing it down, no disrespect but most lab scientists here have really poor knowledge on HIV test kits and all.

What Should I Do?

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