🔞STORY TIME!!! How I F****d My Friend’s Wife (Part One)

I met calvin at my new job, he was one of the few guys I became cool with in the first week of the job.

He helped me a lot in those first few weeks and we somehow became quite close. I’m not the type for having male friends as I liked to be around women more often.

I never knew how close we really were until he called me one day and told me about a girl he’d been dating for a while and wanted to marry.

Her name was angie, a sweet kyuk lady he’d known since his Uni days. He told me they’d fixed a date for the wedding and he wanted me to be his best man.

The day I met angie,calvin brought her to my place on a Sunday, they had just returned from church and he decided to bring her over so I could meet her and we could hangout while we watched football.

I shook her hand as calvin introduced us and I felt her hand tremble for a bit. She was probably the shy type and meeting someone calvin had told her would be his best man at their wedding could’ve made her feel a bit uncomfortable.

I assured with a smile that she didn’t have to be unsettled around me. She smiled back, and it was beautiful, she was almost as tall as him, who was a bit shorter than me.

She was chubby but not too chubby, she had an average sized torso, her boobs were quite big and I could see how well she revealed an ample cleavage with her v-neck blouse.

Her hips were beautifully curved and I could see how thick her thighs were through the black flannel trousers she wore.

She dressed like this to church? Oh boy, some guys must have been staring instead of listening to the word of God.

I offered them some drinks but angie didn’t take alcohol,juice was good enough for her while I and calvin downed a mzinga of Smirnoff.

The match on the TV was between Manchester United and Arsenal. calvin and I talked about the happenings of the game while angie just sat and watched, smiling and saying a few words when she felt like.

She was a quiet type, the kind of lady that appealed to me in a very weird way, although I like wild girls as well, but there was something about reclusive females that made me so much attracted to them.

A well known saying has always been that quiet ladies/guys are usually crazy when fucking.

Story Continues next week Thursday


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